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International Dance Association Of San Diego County - Supported by the San Diego Park & Recreation Dept.

For additional information, contact:

Carol Roland, IDA’s Balboa Park Liaison



Web Site:


Various Locations in Balboa Park:  Balboa Park Club, Recital Hall, Casa Del Prado, and War Memorial Bldg

Check club for proper date, time and location.

Bldg 1 = Balboa Park Club

Bldg 2 = Recital Hall (Palisades Building)

Bldg 35 = Casa Del Prado

Bldg 49 = War Memorial Building 

Success! Message received.

Map below of Balboa Park show bigger pictures and detailed directions and bus routes.

The Balboa Park Club is in the bottom left corner.

The Recital Hall would be next to the Balboa Park club is just off the map.

The Casa Del Prado is in the center right of the map.

The War Memorial Building  would be in the top North, just off the map.

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